I am a 27 year old couturier who loves yellow & blue. I am a Hmong-American designer from Wisconsin. On days I'm not designing, I'm most likely enjoying nature, watching anime or catching up on my Korean shows. My favorite season is Spring.  


It's not easy for me to express myself verbally so I design and wear clothes to tell my personal stories.  I love dressing up, sewing and being creative.  Designing also taught me how to love myself and do what I want without overthinking. It heals me; it gives me a purpose and a mission in life. I don't know where this designing thing will take me, but I hope to give back to the community. I have a vision for my company and it is to grow into a fashion empire about people; not for profit nor exploitation.


I love expressing my feelings with clothes.  When I'm happy, I usually play with color.  On stressful days, I tend to dress in black. What I wear really depends on my mood. My go to dress is a simple black, ruched, wrap dress, of course knee length!  I am quite short so I don't wear much full length dresses.  Tea dresses are my favorite kind of dresses.  The 1920's and 40's feel like home, but I love the present.  There are days when I do like to expose a little skin like shoulers, and cleavage; these days don't happen often.  I appreciate wearable art.

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LeRoy loves sleeping, but not as much as eating and relaxing with mom and dad. He loves modeling and being a good baby. On his days off, he plays with his German shorthaired buddy---otherwise he woos the girls next door. Follow him on Instagram @leroyschpankins!


Al helps with shipping, production and marketing. He enjoys trying new cuisine and loves to travel. His favorite things are: working on his derby cars and running at demolition derbies.

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