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Starting at $249.99

Bring your own clothes or have Yuri style you with her one of a kind designs.  Wear the in house designs as if they were yours and strike poses like you're a model (or maybe you are), whichever one, we will like to help you feel & look beautiful. 


Client will recieve at least 15-25 edited images chosen by artist for personal use.

(Images may or may not be used for commercial purposes by THE HOUSE OF BYURI.)


EDITORIAL - Design fees

Free upon request with custom and Haute Couture Orders

How about a mini vacation in northern Wisconsin?  Beautiful scenery & lots to do!  Come play with nature while getting your custom clothes design and made BYURI.  Rent a vaction house by the lake and visit Yuri for fitting sessions, get your clothes made and photos taken all in a few days or take as long as you like.  If you don't need the vacation, that's fine too!  Just visit BYURI's studio each time there is a fit session required, we can arrange the photo session once the clothes are finished.  A photography session can be done at time of pick up, or after delivery of order.  Client must make an appointment with designer.


Prices vary, depending on designs of clothing, please contact designer for quotes!


All photos are licensed under BYURI and must be used only client's personal use only.  Photos may or may not be used for commercial purposes by THE HOUSE OF BYURI. BYURI is not responsible for clients' lodging and expenses.