Tarte January 2018
The Hidden Floral January 2018
Woven Lie January 2018
Sweet Rebel January 2018
Story Book March 2013
Joker September 2013
Pursuit of Happiness May 2015
Night Tales October 2015
A Modern Collaboration December 2017
Bloom Stylus Beauty Expo September 17, 2016
Lavender Love Fall 2014
Beauty & The Best October 2017
Mermaid Fantasy Feburary 2017
A Walk to Nostalgia Fall 2014
White Blush December 2016
CID March 2017
The Blue Elephant May 2017
My Fair Lady Stylus Beauty Expo September 17, 2016
A Modern Collaboration December 2017
Alone CID January 2017
You Custom Design November 2017
Pom Pom Bloom CID's wear March 2017
What If Summer 2014
Blue Dreams Summer 2014
Patience June 2017
Patience June 2017

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Yuri Xiong- The House of BYURI

Der Chang Photography Mirandart Kiayajj Kristi  
Kody Thao Photography Kiayajj Beautybybesty Justina Meredith Model & Talent Agency
Cam Xiong  Innovative Beauty by Kim   Abbess  
Akama_Paul Beautywithsav   Julie  
Trev.Art     Kandace  
Focus Photography     Manda  





Collaborations & Publication

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my design journey!