Made to order, RTW designs are created by owner, Yuri.  Each unique clothing piece is handmade from the highest quality materials sourced from businesses found in the United States & worldwide.  Details on these designs cannot be changed except when it comes to fit.  For example, if you have shorter arms than the standard, specify how much to take off, and if you are taller, please let the designer know how much longer to extend the hem.  Fit alterations on all RTW may or may not come with a fee depending on additional materials needed.  Request changes can be emailed to before placing your order.  In the email body, please describe item, sku and details of desired fit alteration(s).  Payments will be made once designer creates a special invoice for customer.  Thank you! 


DESIGN YOUR OWN (Requires no fitting sessions nor consultation)

Go to the Design tab to start creating your own dress, top or bottom!  You can choose from various styles and request details.  Once designer recieves request, an invoice will be sent within 24 hours, the full payment must be made within 48 hours otherwise the design form will be discarded.  Client must plan their order accordingly and must understand that there is no fitting sessions required, therefore, fit and design will be based on customer's request and notes.  If designer needs to contact client, he/she may do so at any time.  BYURI is not liable if client does not respond or cooperate.  Orders after payment has been made must be cancelled within 24 hours otherwise there will be a processing/materials fee. 

(Please be as detailed as possible and remember BYURI is not responsible for wrong measurements, we advise clients to be measured by a professional for best results.  If you are local, we welcome you to come in and get measured by us for free.  Thank you!)


CUSTOM WORK (Requires at least 3 fitting sessions plus consultation)

The difference between ready to wear and custom clothing is, the measurements of the final garments.  Instead of using standard body measurements, the designer takes the client's body measurments to create the requested item(s).  Hence, the designer would have to meet client in person for fitting sessions.  The client provides images for inspiration and help choose textiles recommended by the artist, to create a unique design for the individual.  Custom designs are not garuanteed to stay exclusive for client, THE HOUSE OF BYURI own all ideas and designs.  When designer sends customer an invoice with at least 3 sketches, customer agrees not to share, sell or exploit designs in any way.  If client does not accept project, he/she must delete all sketches.  Every design sent to client is confidential and are property of, BYURI, no one is allowed to reproduce, reprint or use the materials, sketches, drawings, ideas, prices etc., in any way without consent by, BYURI.  All clothing pieces will be bought by the client but this does not mean the customer have license rights of the design(s).  He/she may not reproduce the design without written consent by BYURI.


THE HOUSE OF BYURI (Requires at least 4-5 fitting sessions plus consultation)

The House of BYURI offers haute couture services for half the price.  All materals may or may not be produced by hand, by designer, depending on agreement and design details.  When customer chooses this service, they are agreeing to the 'no budget' policy.  Designer, Yuri, is free to create looks without a budget in mind when customer decides he/she wants a couture look.  Couture clothing are made to fit client's unique shape and created from synthetic or orgranic materials.  All looks will be exclusive and no one else will be allowed to have the same design(s); only be one will be made. 

If client does not accept couture sketches, he/she must delete all files.  No one is allowed to produce sketches except THE HOUSE OF BYURI.  All sketches, price estimations, invoices, images and content belong to, BYURI. 


ALTERATIONS (Appointment Only)

For prices, please go to the 'alteration' section under the 'services' tab.  We are closed weekends and holidays.  Please request times during M-F, 9 am- 5 pm only.  If you need a different time or want to meet during the weekend, please request for an appointment and specify the day & time.  Email confirmations will be sent once requests are approved.


PHOTOGRAPHY (Appontment Only, Package Available)

You can either choose BYURI to design & style your outfit, or you can just get your photos done.  All photography images will be done in studio at THE HOUSE OF BYURI.  All 5 edited images will be released to client for personal use.  Photography sessions require an appointment.  Please refer to photography link for prices.